Archroma is a global color and specialty chemicals company headquartered in Reinach near Basel, Switzerland. It operates with 3,000 employees over 35 countries and with 24 production sites. Its three businesses – Brand & Performance Textile Specialties, Packaging & Paper Specialties, and Coatings, Adhesives & Sealants – deliver specialized performance and color solutions to meet customers’ needs in their local markets, touching and coloring people’s lives every day, everywhere.


We are a fashion powerhouse that is also building new age homes;
We are a global leader in apparel manufacturing that is also transforming water management;
A denim pioneer that is a trailblazer in advanced materials;
A wearable technology manufacturer that is also delivering state-of-the-art engineering solutions.

Where we aren’t just driven by bottom lines and profits, but able and willing to drive social impact;
Where our CSR and sustainability initiatives are slowly but surely changing lives and making a difference to thousands. From being just a textile company, we’ve come a long way and are striving every day to create opportunities where none exist.


Soorty – World of Denim
Every thread, every weave and every stitch marks a milestone for us.
Soorty began as a shop in the 1980s, shipping its first export order in 1983. Today, Soorty is Pakistan’s largest vertically integrated denim company; allowing a complete visibility of the supply chain from spinning to denim, garment to laundry.
With production facilities, offices, warehouses, innovation labs and design studios around the world, Soorty offers its World of Denim to customers worldwide through its strong global presence.




Nowadays most brands try to minimize their supply chain, in order to have a better focus on product, with the aim to establish a longterm relationship with their suppliers, so the product-quality can rise and problems can be solved more easily.

With an experience of more than 20 years Wiser Globe from Amsterdam is offering full service (from innovative and responsible collections to final product) in demanded price and lead-time.

A trading solution for textile business with a power of pre-,peri- and post-production abilities worldwide.