Denim City Lab

Denim City Lab is a denim R&D and innovation laundry centre of Denim City, located in Amsterdam. It is powered by a consortium of denim industry leaders in order to develop cleaner and smarter recipes for the denim industry. It is designed to accommodate brands, mills, laundries and other value chain partners together or independently.

Our Lab provides all kind of equipment’s such as; washing machines, dryers, ozone, laser, scraping and spraying units. Denim City Lab is also a laundry training centre for students and professionals. The main aim of trainings is to enhance the laundry knowledge and experience of brand employees. The denim industry needs to reinvent itself now. The world needs us to get cleaner, dryer and smarter.

Many of the challenges that the denim industry faces, will need chemical research, technological innovation and scientific progress to overcome. However primarily, we need to share ideas and combine perspectives. Our Lab aims to contribute into industry with sustainable research and recipes.

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