Laundry Days

Laundry Days:

The Blue Lab team and House of Denim Foundation introduce: Laundry Days, a new annual event to put the spotlight on the world’s leading laundries.

The laundry is where much of our industry’s magic happens. New looks are continuously developed by combining creativity with technology. Due to a traditional reliance on harmful chemicals, however, the laundry industry is not without controverse.

In recent years, technological breakhthroughs and investment in innovation have paved the way for enormous advances in sustainability. A number of laundries lead the way, pushing boundaries and solving challenges. Laundry Days brings these global leaders together to showcase and celebrate their work.

The world’s most respected laundries were invited to give their interpretation of the Kingpins Trend Report. Their assignment: to showcase the best of their ability, on the cutting edge of craftsmanship, style and sustainability. Each participant will make a mini collection, finished live at Denim City Blue Lab just before Kingpins Amsterdam.

This collaborative battle will result in a mini collection, which will be showed at Kingpins tradeshow.
Laundry Craftsmanship meets sustainable innovation #towardsabrighterblue